Вашият моден магазин
Вашият моден магазин

Dear Ladies,

My name is Tatyana Ilieva and I would like to welcome you to my fashion design blog.
I work in my studio as a main designer and a chief coordinator of production of clothes.
Each model that you see or would buy is made by me and my team of professionals, in accordance to my quality criteria.
We create each model following not only the fashion trends, but the specific lines and curves of each body, in a way that it is suitable even in the everyday life.
Here you can find models that are great for the office and work, as well as clothes designed for more special occasions.
Our mission is to create a sense of uniqueness in each lady and underline her beauty and elegance.
Our consultants, with great pleasure, would guide each of you among the variety of cuts and colors that we offer so every woman can find the most suitable model for her figure and highlight the beauty .
We hope we could satisfy your needs.
Enjoy your journey and let yourself blossom in the colors of happiness!

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